"With her fluent musical vocabulary and sharp interpretive skill, Wendy Scherl illuminates and invigorates every song she sings." – Roy Sander, Bistro Awards


"She’s back, voice more beautiful than ever, singing with all the warmth and wisdom and humor that only a life well and fully lived can bring. Wanna know where Scherl has been? Listen to this, her glorious debut CD. You’ll hear, You’ll feel, 'You’ll See'" – David Friedman 2019



Cabaret Scenes:

"Was hearing Wendy Scherl, a guest in Robin Westle’s classy Robin’s Nest variety show series, presenting two selections from her New Scherl in Town act enough to make me eager to see that whole thing? It “Scherl”-y was!! In fact, she captivated me so quickly that my decision was made before the middle of the first song. Similarly, with her knockout opening number at the Metropolitan Room, Irving Berlin’s “I Got the Sun in the Morning,” this wonderfully winsome Wendy wowed her audience right away, judging by the cheers and palpable sense of excitement. The vibrancy of her voice and punch of personality filled the air, and she had an air of confidence. This wisely-chosen piece’s first impression established the unfussy, down-to-earth performer as a grateful woman with things in perspective. A hip and fresh arrangement, with modulation and some powerhouse sustained notes, added to the magnetism and sense that we were in good hands." [click to read full review]

Bistro Awards:

"In her current Metropolitan Room show, New Scherl in Town (directed by Barry Kleinbort), Wendy Scherl reveals herself to be an assured (and reassuring) singer who envelops you in a protective bubble of good will. She opens with a song whose lyrics embody her optimistic bent: Irving Berlin’s “I Got the Sun in the Morning.” Scherl doesn’t need to sell the song’s upbeat message. She just gives it to you matter-of-factly, and you’re sold. During the course of the song, your ears gradually become accustomed to the timbre of her voice—which has a distinctive humming quality and a sheathed athleticism that wows you when she turns up the volume……There are so many bright spots in this show that it’s difficult to single out the top few. As far as ballads go, it’s hard to beat her quiet, warm, graceful take on Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.” But it’s when she tackles an emotionally charged showstopper that Scherl is truly in her element." [click to read full review]


Theatre Pizzazz:

"She has a relatable persona that puts her audience immediately at ease…Ms. Scherl is a fine storyteller." [click to read full review]



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